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In Management by Baseball, Jeff Angus arms you with practical examples and proven techniques you can use to improve your managerial effectiveness at work, at home–anywhere. As you dash from first base to home plate, Jeff Angus makes learning to become a great manager, a great reading experience:

Managing the Mechanics
Every day of the baseball season, skippers skillfully juggle complex decisions from choosing a lineup to calling for a steal. In the dugout, they handle abstract concepts like time management and training techniques. In the office, they pore over research reports and apply them to the problems at hand. Learn from the masters the methods of successful operational management (and lessons in what to avoid from baseball's biggest bunglers).

Managing Talent
Great baseball managers know how to get the most out of a team over a long season by understanding how to evaluate and motivate players, and when and how to hire and fire them. Learn how to apply their models and get the most out of your team.

Managing Yourself
The most successful managers in and out of baseball learn enough about their own habits, biases, and strengths to overcome preconceived notions. Boost your own skills through examples of how baseball's best and worst came to grips with intellectual and emotional blind spots that undermined their effectiveness.

Managing Change--and Driving It
The best baseball managers know how to adapt to significant changes in the game. So should anyone who works outside a ballpark. Lessons from baseball will improve your ability to thrive in times of change and actively drive changes to your company's advantage — and your own.

Through Management by Baseball learn how Hall of Fame baseball managers like Connie Mack and John McGraw have more in common with today's business leaders than you may think. Find out why baseball managers like Joe Torre and Dusty Baker are better role models for business, government and non-profit management than even the most respected corporate giants.

How do you redesign corporate strategy in response to your competitors? Learn Joe Torre's secret advantage.

How do you start an organization from scratch? Take a page from baseball's 19th century origins.

How do you adapt to changing markets and social conditions? Learn from the man who invented Babe Ruth.

What are the simplest ways to turn around a weak department? Pick up Dick Williams' proven tactics.

If manage, if you like baseball—and if you want to learn more than you thought possible about business leadership in just a few hours of delightful reading—it's time to get your MBB!

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